Mother Nature has gone off message

Forty-nine of our 50 states have snow on the ground – even Hawaii, says CNN – and we in the Northeast are getting dumped on. We’ve got official emergency declarations, National Guard activations, power outages, car crashes, flight cancellations and closings of just about every kind of operation that has a choice. It’s hard to worry about global warming today.

But just in case you were out shoveling and missed it:

  • We (or rather our descendants) are going to be living for the next 1,000 years with the adverse effects of the CO2 we’ve already generated – even if we could somehow halt fossil fuel use today. That's according to a study just published in Nature Geoscience.

 So if you go outside today, bundle up – and pray for a way to stay cool.



That's why I usually refer to it as "global climate change", or even more accurately, "global climate destabilization". "Global warming" just doesn't seem quite so bad a thing when there's two feet of snow on the ground!
# Posted By Asheen | 1/12/11 10:59 PM
Great point, Asheen, thanks for weighing in.

I've also heard the term "global weirding," but that almost makes light of the matter.
# Posted By Steve McGrath | 1/13/11 11:54 AM
# Posted By king | 9/28/15 10:45 PM
# Posted By king | 10/28/15 11:48 PM
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