The Power of Euphemism

Today's blog is posted by guest blogger, Ed Marshall, a senior account director at Beaupre. Check out his bio in our "About Authors" section.

It's been said that it's impossible to go through the day without a rationalism or two ... or three. In PR, the same can be said for the euphemism. Without them, companies might be forced to speak more directly about some rather uncomfortable situations. Layoffs? No, rightsizing. Or, "the opportunity to start your new job search immediately." Seriously.

The thought occurred as I read through a few stories covering Shell's recent disappointing quarterly earnings announcement. The company largely blamed the earnings miss on poor performance in their US oil shale holdings. In short, the drilling wasn't turning out the expected amount of crude. In fact, the prospects for production from shale are so poor that the company is backtracking on previous predictions of prodigious output to come in those same shale plays. But that's not how they put it.

In a master use of euphemism that will surely be noticed by others in corporate communications, the previously stated production target of 4 million barrels per day was "retired." They didn't give up on the goal. They didn't say they made a mistake in calculating the original target. Nope, they simply "retired" it.


In fact, given the underlying cost structure issues apparently beginning to play out in the shale oil sector, it might behoove the other oil majors who have invested in these fields to keep the thesaurus handy.

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<a href=" Class Board Exam Result 2017</a>
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Latest News Headlines & Live Updates -
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<a href="">; AP EAMCET Results 2017 </a>:Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education will lead the 10th
public exams in March/April this year.The board is in readiness to lead 10th exams soon in the near future.The board is
now busy scheduling the exam timetable for the public exams.All the students must get ready to take the exams.The board
will soon seek enrollment from the students who are pursuing 10th class in the schools that are affiliated to the board.
<a href="">;Telangana EAMCET Results </a>:Telangana Secondary School Exam Board is sewed-up to pull
10th annual exams for the students of the state.Students who have been studying 10th standard in the schools united
schools of the board can get everything set to take the exam that will be most likely held in March this year.
The board is right now preparing for the exam scheduled and date sheets.As soon as it completes it, it will announce it
officially to get ready for the exam via its official site.All the affiliated schools of the board and students studying
in the schools need to set stage for preparation.
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