Bob Metcalfe casts a new net

Bob Metcalfe - Polaris VenturesBob Metcalfe is one of the most storied names in information technology, and if the next technological wave plays out the way he predicts, he might be just as well known in clean energy. The co-inventor of Ethernet, founder of 3Com, and now general partner at Polaris Ventures is applying the lessons learned from the Internet's growth to the development of a clean energy economy. In this podcast, Metcalfe predicts that one of its centerpieces will be an intelligent energy management and distribution network, comparable to the Internet, called the Enernet.

Clean technology boom: bigger than the Internet? Yes.

Journalist Marc Gunther, one of the media's most prominent followers of clean technology trends, lays out the five reasons why he thinks the adoption of clean technology will be a bigger upheaval than even that wrought by the Internet. He predicts that between the size of the industries involved to generational changes that feed the public's appetite for environmentally friendly products, clean technology will touch every thread of our lives. Gunther spoke at the Brodeur-Beaupre Clean Technology Forum at the Harvard Club in Boston in October 2008.


Podcast: Joe Trippi

Joe Trippi - national political consultant - clean technologyNational political consultant Joe Trippi talks about the public policy dimensions of clean technology development and why he thinks renewable energy is for real after the false start of the 1970s.

Podcast: Advent Solar CEO Peter Green

Advent Solar podcast - Beaupre Brodeur clean technologyPeter Green, President and CEO of Advent Solar,leading manufacturer of innovative solar cells and modules, talks about the parallels between the semiconductor and solar photovoltaic (PV ) industries, and highlights new opportunities for innovation based on these parallels.

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