Andy Beaupre cut his teeth at a national not-for-profit, then entered the technology industry working for the country's first high tech-focused PR agency. Next, he experienced the corporate world, heading PR for a fast-growing tech company that went Fortune 500. The advertising industry beckoned as his next foray. In 1983, he co-founded Beaupre, an alternative communications, branding and PR company in a cool seaside town. Beaupre was acquired by Omnicom in 1999, but retained its brand, management team, culture and founding business model. Over time, Andy became more cosmic, grew a beard, ripped over 16,000 songs into his iPod, got hooked on social causes and shot tens of thousands of photos around the world. He's still very active in the business day-to-day and lives by the mantra, 'the busier, the better.'

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Steve Hodgdon is a 20+ year high tech PR veteran who remembers back to when the fax machine was considered a remarkable communications breakthrough that would revolutionize how PR was practiced. He's lived through many subsequent industry coups and revolutions ever since, but always seems to emerge unscathed. But he's not so sure the current social media revolution will be so forgiving this time around. Steve is based on the shores of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and can be reached at:

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Ed Marshall is a former journalist and PR veteran with over a decade in high tech and green tech and half a decade in non-profits. Hes also a unicycling cat magnet addicted to fiddling with Linux on the desktop and bicycling in the city. Television-free for almost a decade, he's a non-fiction aficionado and the proud owner of a couple well-worn library cards. Early risers can find him at the gym during the week or swerving low and tight on an HO slalom water ski at the end of a 60-foot rope on summer weekends.


Steve McGrath has spent a decade in high tech PR after a decade in journalism. Before that, there were a couple of years waiting tables and a harrowing summer painting the upper reaches of a 10-story-high power plant. As senior technology writer at Beaupre, he strives for clarity. He rides his bike to work. And from work. And after work.

Twitter: StevenMcGrath

Mike McGrail has made it into his 13th year of writing about high technology for Beaupre despite a Luddite's fondness for typewriters, fountain pens and an iPod so old it has a crank handle. His 23-year communications career started in the news media with a job at a weekly newspaper that paid just enough to qualify him for food stamps, but that he loved nonetheless. When not breaking bones (his own) in taekwondo class, he might be body surfing with his 8-year-old daughter, working on his house, reading good novels or writing unpublishable ones.

Twitter: MikeMcGrail

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